Marcos Garcia
Business Development Executive

Marcos is a young, motivated and exciting person. He is a first generation Cuban American born in Miami and is excited to start in the real estate business. Marcos has started a plethora of new business ventures ranging from a hair Gel company to Adult day cares. He specializes in making clients feel like they are family and that he will always do the right thing by our client.

Marcos decided to jump right into the workforce after obtaining his AA in business. He started his first business at the age of 17 and decided that this was the kind of work he is interested in. He is new to real estate but his ability to communicate and provide convenience to his clients is his best asset. know that when you come to Marcos is to get things done.

He also knows that there is no I in Team. to achieve amazing goals, you must have an equally amazing team besides you. Here at Sell2Rent he sees more than a team but a tightly woven family where the sky's the limit.

In his free time Marcos loves to Golf and spend time with his family.