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How the process works

1. Submit the automatic form online.

You will be required to add your personal information, current location (to determine of you are elegible for a presential or a remote program), college/university (You must be a graduate, undergraduate, or recently graduated student to apply), and select the program you are interested in.

2. Submit a brief paper to describe yourself and why do you want us to consider you for the role.

We are looking for energetic individuals willing to play a vital role inour organization.

3. Schedule a video or in-person interview

Once we review the application and your paper, we will meet you in person or via video-conference to get to know you better.

4. Team matching and role description

After our interview we will match you with a team, a supervisor and we will provide you with a description of your role, hours, and objectives. If you agree to proceed, you will be expected to join the team based on your available hours and dates.

5. Let's get started...

Once you accept the role, and join our team you will go through a training process, and then you will start with your role in our organization. Upon completion of your internship, and based on your performance it will be very likely that you will be offered a starting position within our organization.

Our Internship Programs


The Marketing and Corporate Communications program privide you with a 360 Degree approach to a multi-channel marketing program.  You will be exposed to LIVE campaign management, monitoring, planning and execution processes, allowing you to round up your skills and knowledge.


The Business Development Program will expose you to real-life situations with homeowners, investors, and our team of professionals.  It is a very dynamic, fast action process, that will help you understand the importance of data and information management, as the key element of a successful business deal.


The Leaseback model requires several moving parts to be aligned in order for a transaction to be effective.  You will be exposed to innovative processes and a lot of research, which are the cornerstones for the success of our operation.


Our data analysis team is constantly generating the necessary assets for the entire operation to be effective.  You will be exposed to innumerable business situations that rely on accurate data on a daily basis.  All the proprietary algorithms of our company are the result of our Data Analysis team.


Our business runs on a multi-platform structure that includes a Client Portal, a CRM and Back Office platform, an Education Platform, Several Lead Generation platforms, and an Investor’s Portal.  The connection and operation of all platforms, synchronized into a single environment, with an optimal UX (User Experience) is the ultimate goal of the computer programming department.


Our business administration team, is in charge to give the administrative support to all the other departments, including financial analysis, human resources, contracts, vendor management among several other tasks. You will be exposed to a multi-task role, with important responsibilities.


  • We are currently operating our presential program in our headquarters located in Miami, Fl.
  • We are also operating a remote program for students outside the vecinity of our offices, including international students.  

There are 3 Programs:

  • 2 Month Internship
  • 4 Month Internship
  • 6 Month Internship

Candidates MUST be a Undergraduate Student, Recently Graduated (6 months or less), Graduate Student or Recently Obtained a Graduate Degree (6 months or less).

Our program will provide you with a new set of skills that can be applied in almost any company or even if you decide to work for your own, but our main goal is to train you so you can become an active asset for our company.  So the answer is yes, after the completion of the program your supervisor will submit an assesment of your performance to your shcool and to our hiring managers.

Maximum of 20 hours per week if you are currently seeking a degree, and up to 30 hours if you have already obtained your degree.

There will be no need to travel during your internship program.  In the event that a work related trip comes up, the company will assume all costs of transportation, hotel and per diems, but will be optional if you want to attend.




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