Sell Your House, Stay Home

A radically simple platform for people to sell their home and stay as renters

We Understand the Meaning of Home

Sell2Rent mission is to be the most effective real estate platform by offering a transparent model that allows homeowners to sell their house and stay in it as renters.

Our Manifesto is an Honest Belief

As passionate entrepreneurs, but most importantly as family members and responsible citizens, we believe that the cornerstone of any business must rely on benefiting society while offering a transparent solution that generates market efficiency and a healthier market.

Sell2Rent Company

Families ALWAYS Come First

Sell2Rent understand the meaning of “HOME”, the reason why we designed a system that could ease financial strains, providing a convenient selling solution while allowing families to stay in the place they so much love. The system provides an immediate solution, without drastic changes.

We cover all 50 states

Leading our way

Daniel Kattan | Founder

Andres Loi | CTO

Andres Giraldo | Communications Director

John Santamaria | Business Development

Arlyne Cassuto | Homeowner Advocate

Viviana Saldarriaga
Business Development Manager

Santiago Salazar | Broker

Sofia Gonzalez | Business Analyst

Enrique Garcia | Sr. Programmer

Julian García
Technology Operations Manager

Juan Felipe Cadena
Operations Supervisor Coordinator

Samuel Mateus
Investors Relations Associate

Maria Fernanda Castro
Business Development Executive

Alejandro Martínez
Business Development Executive

Marcela Castrillon
Tableau & Reporting Specialist

Deisy Ramírez
Jr. Business Analyst

Andrea Fontalvo
Jr. Business Analyst

Carolina Tovar
Jr. Business Analyst

Margartia Martínez
Business Analyst

Laura Hernández
Real Estate Market Analyst

Paula Moreno
Documentation Assistant

Pedro Medina
Jr. Programmer

Cristiam Bustos
Jr. Business Analyst

Jackson Rodríguez
Jr. Programmer

Jesús de los Reyes
Jr. Programmer

Nelson Guardo
Jr. Programmer